Heidi Marie Broner




Heidi Broner grew up near New York City in a family of artists, immersed in an atmosphere in which drawing and painting were a natural, delightful part of daily life. Her interests have led her to work in a wide variety of media: in addition to painting, she has illustrated books, designed and painted murals, created masks and puppets for theater and opera as well as huge outdoor pieces for the band Phish, and worked for many years with Bread and Puppet Theater as an artist and performer.

In 1999 she began working in the Vermont granite industry — a very physical and traditional industry  — hand engraving custom drawings directly onto black stone. Working in the granite sheds alongside the stone craftsmen has given her a deeper appreciation of the skill, patience, and attention to the task that is developed by people who work in the trades. 

 In 2003 she began her At Work series of paintings, which formed the basis of a solo exhibit at the Vermont Governor’s office in 2009. In addition to this show, her paintings have been exhibited at numerous galleries and museums, including Studio Place Arts, T.W. Wood Museum of American Art, the Flinn Gallery, CVMC Gallery, TLBear Gallery, Woodshed Gallery, and Artpath Gallery. Her work has been collected by both private individuals and corporations.




For the past 12 years I have been painting people at work. I am drawn by the sight of someone moving with unselfconscious grace and assurance within a world which is, to the worker, well known and rich in meaning and association. 

Often, the posture of the worker suggests a less definable and more mythic narrative: peering over the edge of the world, struggling with his own shadow, quietly connecting the intricate threads of communication, or unearthing something unknown. It seems to me that the familiar tasks we all perform have this somehow satisfying resonance.